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European Association of Personality Psychology (EAPP)

The Summer School of Personality Science (SSPS) is a week-long summer school sponsored by EAPP with approximately 12 –16 graduate students (master's and PhD level) and approximately 6 – 8 internationally renowned experts. It is broadly geared towards providing cutting-edge and specialized education as well as hands-on experience to young and budding personality psychologists from all over the world. The mini-curriculum, with different 1- to 2-hour course formats (e.g., keynotes, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, mentoring, luncheons), is designed to address a broad variety of current and important topics in personality science as well as provide student attendees with career advice and networking opportunities.

SSPS 2020

The 2020 Summer School of Personality Science will take place July 5 – 13 in Madrid, Spain. SPSP will select two students to attend and reimburse up to $750 in travel expenses. Lodging and some meals (breakfast, lunch) will be provided free of cost to all accepted students. 
Applications to participate as one of SPSP’s representatives to SSPS are due February 20. Applications require a CV, research statement, and faculty recommendation letter. Past participants of SISPP, EASP Summer School or SASP Summer School are not eligible to attend.

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