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SPSP Listserv and Shared Interest Groups

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SPSP Connect! is an interactive tool that connects members of SPSP through online communities, which contain discussion boards, libraries, and events. All members have automatic subscription to the SPSP Connect! Open Forum community, and can opt to join three additional member-type groups, and eight additional shared-interest group (SIG) communities.

Member-Type Groups

Shared-Interest Groups

The Open Forum and these member type and SIG communities offer real-time email updates of member discussion posts and announcements. You are welcome to update your subscription settings to daily or weekly digest at any time.

To subscribe to the listserv or join one of these SIG communities. Login to SPSP Connect! and visit the FAQ for comprehensive instructions.

Top Tips from SPSP Connect!

SPSP’s members have offered some great tips, tricks, and advice you may have missed. Find some of the top discussion tips archived here:

SPSP Listserv Archives

The following areprovided for historical purposes. SPSP does not maintain these listserv archives. Archives for Connect! are available to members at 

Listservs 2008 - 2013

Listserv pre-2008